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M&A Unplugged

Dec 17, 2019

In this episode, Domenic and Craig Sherwood discuss: 

  • The importance of cyber security due diligence before a merger and acquisition deal. 
  • Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, how cyber security preparedness can increase the value of your offer.     
  • How Shambliss performs their functional assessment of a business in order to create a guide map for improved security measures. 
  • The value of best practices in security to increase competitiveness in the B-2-B marketplace. 


Key Takeaways: 


  • US companies based in America are the world’s most vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • The average time to identify a cyber security breach of any sort is roughly 200 days, and in 2019, the average cost of a breach was roughly $8 million for a middle market organization. 
  • Companies should be ISO 27,001 certified to be more attractive to buyers.
  • Review the company’s insurance policy to make sure it covers cyber security attacks.


"As deals become more complicated, as money frees up, there are going to be more attributes and checkboxes with due diligence, and one of them is going to be security assessment prior to a deal." —  Craig Sherwood. 


About Craig Sherwood: In today’s digital world, cyber-attacks can happen anywhere hence organizations leaders are making cyber security a critical priority. With the increase in data breaches, protecting employee, customer, third-party, and information on organizational assets, and IP have become important to leadership and to maintain continuity of business. Many companies have well-intentioned security and privacy programs that, at the time of their creation, solved tactical or immediate compliance needs but now may lack a strategic vision or structure. Shambliss Security specialists assess your security and privacy program maturity, determine the appropriate level of acceptable and tolerated risk and help your company to align your cyber security and data protection to your risk appetite and corporate objectives. Our security experts provide the know-how skills and tools to translate strategy into action by tuning and implementing security and IT/IS policies, assessing compliance audit readiness gap and thread analysis. Our ultimate goal is to effectively implement security and privacy strategies, improve your security posture and provide a return on your cyber investments.  


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